In system content, an asset is a component/object in the IT environment namely in the field of Operating Systems, Databases, Network devices, Application or Security devices. 

Sectona platform defines an asset based on a three-tier mechanism via Category, Sub Category and type.
Categories are classes of asset class like Operating systems, databases, etc. Sub category is more like flavors, build types or generation names. Asset types are defined based on OEM classifications of assets. The system is pre-bundled with assets types and administrators also have the ability to add new asset types.

Access types in the system are connection methods / protocol techniques used to access assets to manage and operate. The system provides multiple asset types pre-bundled in the standard built and administrator can also import new access types as needed.

This chapter consists of the following:

List of pre-bundled access types

Browser Only

Launcher / Jump Server based

Native clients

  • RDP Over Browser

  • SSH over Browser

  • MySQL over Browser

  • Oracle over Browser

  • SQL over Browser

  • FTP Over Browser

  • FTP to FTP over Browser

  • SFTP to SFTP over browser

  • SCP Over browser

  • Telnet over browser

  • ASDM Launcher

  • Avaya CMS Supervisor

  • AWS Console

  • DameWare Mini Remote Control

  • FTP

  • FTP To FTP

  • IBM Emulator

  • MySQL Administrator

  • MySQL Workbench

  • Oracle SQL Developer

  • Pl SQL Developer

  • RDP

  • SQLPlus Over SSH

  • SFTP


  • Site protector

  • SmartTerm

  • SQL Server Management Studio

  • SSH

  • Telnet

  • Tera Term

  • Tipping Point

  • Toad for DB2

  • Toad for Oracle

  • Turbo FTP

  • VMware vSphere Client

  • VMware vSphere Web Client

  • VNC Viewer

  • RDP

  • SSH