Monitoring live user sessions provide a way to monitor users who are currently accessing sessions using the Sectona platform. This helps in real-time view of vendor activities and/or preventing risky user sessions on a real-time basis.

Procedure for viewing live sessions

  • Navigate to SessionsLive sessions or Sessions → Activity view.

  • In Activity view, current active live session will be available or you can view historic session activity of Past 1 hour, Past 5 hours, Past 24 hours or up to 5 days.

  • In Live session, view you can all sessions currently active in the platform. Live session is denoted in the system with the (Live View) symbol.

Terminating a session

For a need to terminate any live session, the respective session can be terminated from the live session view. Administrators or users with admin-level privileges can view the user's live sessions and terminate it if any user's activity seems potentially malicious.

Procedure to terminate a session:

  • Navigate to the Session in the navigation bar.

  • Select the Live Sessions from the sidebar.

  • The existing live sessions will be displayed.

  • Click on the

    icon to open the live session.

  • Click on the 

    icon which is located on the top right corner to terminate the session.

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