Users can authenticate to Sectona using the RADIUS protocol. This integration works with user authentication to Sectona and transparently validates user authentication data from Radius server.

Adding a new directory store

Follow the below-recommended steps to add new directory store in Sectona PAM:

  • Go to Configuration on the top navigation bar. 

  • Select AD & Directory Store option from the left sidebar.

  • Click on +Add AD & Directory Store and input data in the form.

  • Provide a unique name to identify the directory name in the Directory Name field.

  • Select the type of directory you are integrating. System supports Window Active Directory or OneLogin directory.

  • Select the directory store type as RADIUS.

  • Provide an IP address/hostname of the Radius Server.

  • Provide port number and change the port number if you are using any custom ports. ( Default port for Radius is 1812).

  • Provide a shared-secret name to authenticate to the Radius server.

  • Tick the Active checkbox to activate the configuration.

  • Click on Save and your new directory will be created.