This document provides information for the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona PAM version 3.8.0

Highlighted Features

Enhancements to Satellite Vault

  • [SPSL-2103] – Added a DNS option in satellite vault to allow users to navigate to satellite vault with simple name instead of IP Address.

  • [SPSL-1893] + [SPSL-1890] – Added an option to enforce MFA in Satellite Vault login as added security feature along with one way key.

Platform Wide Support for FIDO2 Authentication protocol

  • [SPSL-2069] + [SPSL-2068] – Added "FIDO2" tab in "Multi-factor Authentication" support for PAM user authentication as well as Satellite Vault. This feature would enable users to use self registered tokens like Yubikey.

Google Cloud Platform Discovery Support

  • [SPSL-2066] – Added Asset discovery support for customers using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Customer would be able to directly onboard Windows & Unix workloads into PAM discovered data.

  • [SPSL-2072] – Added a new System Event as Google (GCP) for asset discovery under Configuration Change Events in SIEM & Log Forwarding.

What's New

  • [SPSL-2132] – Added an option to copy text in remote clipboard in RDP over browser (version 3).

  • [SPSL-2130] – Added a new action menu as "Logins" in users that lists the successful, failed, and active logins data.

  • [SPSL-2114] – Added an option to change account and user group mapping process version.

  • [SPSL-2101] – Added an option to configure SSO sequence for specific access type and asset type.

  • [SPSL-2086] – Added a new canned report for asset policy information.

  • [SPSL-2085] – Added Asset Hostname and Account Name  filters in password manager job history.

  • [SPSL-2062] – Added an option to terminate password manager job in PAM.

  • [SPSL-1994] – Added Account Activity as new action on account view page.

  • [SPSL-1939] – Added an option to Bulk update asset security settings.

  • [SPSL-1937] – Added Tags, Policies, Config Values, Exclude from Account Discovery parameters to be set while auto on-boarding discovered asset.

  • [SPSL-1511] – Added an option to disable confirmation box while closing the session (user wise).

  • [SPSL-892] – Added an error message to be shown if the Sectona launcher is not present on the local machine.


  • [SPSL-2138] – Added improvements in ProcessServer to run in 64-bit mode and Communication in asynchronous mode.

  • [SPSL-2127] – Added an option to select local as well as domain accounts in case of console access.

  • [SPSL-2100] – Added User Tags, Asset Location, Asset Tags in User Entitlements report.

  • [SPSL-2093] – Added Search field in User Access Policy under Manage Permissions.

  • [SPSL-2079] – Added comment and formatting-related improvements in PAG.

  • [SPSL-2078] - Changed default property of restriction from One Time to Day Basis in User access policy.

  • [SPSL-2073] – Improved the formatting of User task output history in Task Management.

  • [SPSL-2071] – Added a configurable parameter in System Defaults for using RDPD Proxy for launcher based sessions.

  • [SPSL-2061] – Added a feature in the AD discovery to discover 9999 assets at a time.

  • [SPSL-2047] - Renamed OneLogin Authentication Type to Generic SAML in PAM.

  • [SPSL-2026] - Changed RDP Over Browser default value to 3 in System Defaults.

  • [SPSL-2018] – Added improvements in Embedded DB in terms of performance.

  • [SPSL-2013] – Added improvements in API logs by providing filters for searching.

  • [SPSL-2000] – Added enhancements in Task management libraries.

  • [SPSL-1988] – Added an option to view affected users for selected user access policy.

  • [SPSL-1987] – Added an option to view affected assets for selected policy.

  • [SPSL-1986] – Added improvements in Sectona Installer by rechecking prerequisites.

  • [SPSL-1982] – Added Tags, Account category, Enforce password change  parameters to be set while auto on-boarding discovered accounts.

  • [SPSL-1979] – Optimized the dashboard performance for PAM and PAG.

  • [SPSL-1721] – Added Description as compulsory parameter for every task in Task Management.

  • [SPSL-1719] – Renamed column “Role Command” as "Remove Role Command" in account lifecycle role.

  • [SPSL-1407] – Added SSH Key based authetication support in Sectona PuTTY.exe.

Fixed Issues

  • [SPSL-2116] – Fixed issue wherein the dates filter was not working properly in Job history of Tasks Under My Access Page.

  • [SPSL-2115] – Fixed issue wherein the system was unable to perform verification for Users and AD users added through Bulk if the user was already present in Sectona PAM.

  • [SPSL-2113] – Fixed issue wherein the Asset information such as description and port values were not getting updated while updating asset through bulk update.

  • [SPSL-2104] – Fixed issue wherein the Session Video date was not visible in sessions under 'Risk View'.

  • [SPSL-2087] – Fixed issue wherein the Account password change history information icon was not visible on UI.

  • [SPSL-2039] – Fixed issue wherein the account that was once a part of the group was not removed for 'Access based Elevation' In JIT.

  • [SPSL-2031] – Fixed issue wherein the delegated User was able to execute a Private task in Task Bucket.

  • [SPSL-2019] – Fixed issue wherein the provisioning account was failing for MS SQL assets.

  • [SPSL-2016] – Fixed issue with the session duration calculation in Embedded Database.

  • [SPSL-2010] – Fixed issue wherein the Vault API logs were incomplete as the transactions for Asset, Account, User and Password management were not logging some failed transactions.

  • [SPSL-2009] – Fixed issue wherein the provisioning account was failing for databases and active directory.

  • [SPSL-2008] – Fixed issue wherein the user was receiving emails for older tasks.

  • [SPSL-2007] – Fixed issue wherein the ticket was not getting closed after its validation via Service Desk under some special scenarios.

  • [SPSL-1999] – Fixed issues in Task Management library where the description was incorrect and some commands were missing.

  • [SPSL-1998] – Fixed issue wherein the Syslogs Retention Period parameter was not accepting value lesser than 30.

  • [SPSL-952] – Fixed issue wherein the sorting for 'Date' column was not work correctly in Reports.

  • [SPSL-815] – Fixed issue wherein the  PuTTY session taken through SSHD Proxy was disrupting when user entered 'exit' command.