The administrator or his equivalent can view currently running live sessions. This helps monitor users working from multiple locations on different assets. If the live session screen snap is unavailable, the user will see the "No Preview" image instead of the white screen.

  • Navigate to the Session option in the navigation bar.
  • Select the Live Sessions from the sidebar.
  • The existing live sessions will be displayed.
  • The
    icon opens a new window displaying the current session running. The
    icon shows the metadata of the session. The
    icon displays the source information of the session.


The Live Session will only display the sessions accessed via Sectona Launcher, Sectona Client, and Jump Host. The underlying OS required for the sessions must be Windows 10/Windows Server 2012 and above. The user can view and terminate the live session from the Sessions option. You can filter the ongoing live sessions with the help of the parameters such as User, Asset Type, Hostname, Domain, IP Address, Risk Score, Account, Metadata, Ticket No, Comment(s), From, and To. You can also check the total count of all the live sessions at the bottom of the screen.