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Accessing additional endpoint information

Sectona’s EPM platform provides features of monitoring the resources on the endpoint via the application interface. It provides a list of resources of the active setup in your environment. This section guides you in monitoring the endpoints and generating the offline code when needed:

  • Login to the system and select EPM from the product navigator.

  • Go to Manage → Manage Assets → All Assets. A list of assets will appear on the screen.

  • Click on more options next to the asset you would like to view the additional information for and select Associate Accounts Additional Info tab.

  • A screen will be displayed with following tabs:

    • Administrators: This provides the list of users who are part of administrator group present on the end point.

    • Agent Status: This provides the information about the version of EPM agent installed on the end point along with the timestamp of the recent communication between the agent and the server. It also provides the information about the agent status log with timestamp, hostname, log description, log code and operation type. Agent status logs will be automatically removed after EPMAgentServerService is triggered.

    • Softwares: This provides a list of all the applications installed on the end point.

    • Logon Events: This provides the information about the login details such as Account Name, Workstation Name, Source Address, Timestamp on the end point.

    • Processes: This provides a list of all the processed running on the end point.

    • Offline Code: This provide an offline code which can be used to escalate privileges of a user to run an application when there is no network connectivity between agent and the server. Here you can also set the validity of the Offline Code in Duration field by selection day(s), hour(s), and minute(s).

To re-generate offline code, click on the blue refresh icon.

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