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Adding accounts on endpoints using discovery

Steps for adding a discovery job

To add a new account discovery job, go to Manage → Account Discovery → +Add Account Discovery. Fill in the following details:




Job Title

Enter a unique title for your scan job.

Asset type

Select the desired asset type from the drop-down menu.

Discovery Job Status

Job Scheduler

Schedule type

Select a schedule type whether you would like to initiate this job once or schedule a recurring job.

If you select a recurring job, you can choose days this job must be executed on.

For example, you want to schedule a job every second day at 5:pm to scan your network.

Recur every: 2 days
Task Start: 01 Jan 2018
Schedule Start Time: 4.30 pm to 5.15 pm

Task Start

Select the date when the task begins

Schedule Time

You can either choose "Any" or schedule a proper time from when to start the task and when to end the task

Account Onboarding

Onboard accounts

If you do not wish to onboard accounts discovered in a scan, you may set the Onboard Accounts slider to inactive. 

If you wish to onboard  discovered accounts automatically to the system, set Onboard Accounts slider as 'active'. Please note that the password of the accounts will be reset when the accounts are on-boarded in the PAM by discovery.

Account Overview

Exclude Account(s)

If you want to exclude accounts from the account discovery, you can mention the names of the accounts separated by a comma.

Tags (optional)

You can associate an account with your desired single or multiple tags like Infosec, Banking Core Server, ATM Switches, etc.

Refer to section Applying conditions with tags for more information about adding context with tags.

Account Category

Select an account category like "Interactive account" or "Service account."

Owner (optional)

If you have listed owner information for all assets, please include it here.

Password Configuration

Enforce Password Change (optional)

You can disable this option by unchecking the Active checkbox to exclude the account from the scheduled password rotation job.

Tick the Active checkbox and click on the Save button to add the account discovery job in the system.

Click on the Save + Run Now button to start the account discovery immediately.

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