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Defining password checkout rules

Checkout Policy defines the rules that can be applied while viewing the password of an asset. Here you can configure if checkout of password is allowed. If more than one user wants to checkout the password at the same time then an appropriate concurrency value should be configured.

Follow the given rule to configure a Password Checkout Policy in EPM:

  • Login to the system and select EPM from the product navigator.

  • Go to Policies → Checkout Policy → +Add Checkout Policy.

  • Policy Name: Provide a policy name for the new checkout policy.

  • Allow Checkout: This option allows to check out the password with proper approval.

  • No Approval Checkout: This option allows to checkout password without an approval.

  • Change after Checkin: This option allows us to change the password after checking.

  • Reset Password if Failed: This option allows the password to be reset if checkout fails.

  • Default Duration: Sets the default duration for password checkout in days, hours and minutes.

  • Max Duration: Sets the max duration for password checkout in days, hours and minutes.

  • Concurrency: Sets the value for concurrent password checkout session sessions.

  • Click on Save to create the checkout policy.

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