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Getting Started

Sectona Endpoint Privilege Management is part of an integrated Sectona Security Platform leveraging common discovery frameworks, asset management, password vaulting. Core features of the component include:

  • Endpoint Discovery & Administration

  • Password Management for Endpoints

  • Remove Local Administrator rights

  • Application Control - Windows

  • Privilege Management - Windows

Sectona Security Platform allows organizations to customize their Privilege Management components to work around the number of use cases. With a consistent platform approach to authentication, authorization, and enrollment, Sectona's solution offers ease of adoption & configuration that can support privilege management requirements across endpoints, on-premises, or cloud workloads & applications.

As an admin, you can leverage a common user management framework providing a more identity-centric view to managing privileges. Endpoint Privilege Management uses standard system components of configuration system services with the flexibility to work efficiently with your PAM deployments.

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