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Adding endpoints in bulk

In a lot of cases the asset inventory is already available with the IT department in the form of an excel sheet. Sectona EPM makes it easier to add assets if the list of assets is available in an Excel format by simply copying and pasting the contents of the sheets. To add an endpoints in bulk follow the steps given below:

  • Login to Sectona as an administrator.

  • Switch to PAM to EPM by clicking on :sym1: symbol and selecting End Point Management (EPM) from drop-down

  • Go to Manage → Manage Assets → +Add New Asset(s) → Bulk Assets. A following form will appear with three categories:

  • Asset Details: Fill in all the details of the assets to be added through bulk.

  • Copy Text: Click on the Download Format link and fill the information, then copy the data and paste it into the text box. Click on the Next button.

  • Summary: Validate the date enter into the summary and click on the Finish button to add the assets on the Sectona.

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