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Overriding workflow-based access

In a situation where a user belonging to a specific workflow can also belong to another workflow. It might happen that the user will have to wait for the previous request to be approved which gives rise to a deadlock situation. Here, the administrator will have to manually delete or terminate the request raised by the user. This will override the workflow that has been stuck due to the pending request. User can override the access only when the Access Type is selected as Once. 

This section consists of all the log & pending requests to checkout a password of an account or require access of an asset to perform a certain task. The procedure to terminate a request is

  • Login to EPM as an administrator.

  • Navigate to Policies.

  • Select the "All request" from the sidebar.

  • Click on the terminate option of the request you wish to terminate.

  • A pop-up box will be displayed. Click on 'Yes' to terminate the request.

You can check the information Request ID, Type, Requested By, Requested On, Comment, Ticket No, Current Status

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