One can checkout from an account by implementing the rules of checkout policy as provided during creating the policy. Follow these steps to checkout your account.

  • Login to the Sectona EPM solution and the "Endpoint Access" section will appear in front of you.

  • Click on Accounts.

  • Select the asset type and click on the :Plus_icon: icon to expand your account information

  • Now at the end of the row, you can see the "Checkout" button.

  • Clicking on that you will see the account password checkout list which contains asset type, hostname, IP address, account and domain information.

  • Again, you will be asked to checkout or cancel. As you click on the checkout if the workflow assigned is zero, it will directly checkout, else a workflow request form will appear.

  • Fill in the credentials of the form and select the type you want to use as the password or access type and finally click submit.

You will be checked out from your account within some time.