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Updating endpoints information in bulk

The asset's list can be updated in bulk. You can go to the Manage → Manage Asset → +Add New Asset(s) → Update Bulk Assets.

To update/change asset details follow the below steps:

  • Asset Details

    • Tick the checkbox for the fields you want to update and provide updated value for those fields.

    • Click on the Download Format link.

    • This will download an Excel sheet on your system.

    • Click on the Next button

  • Copy Text

    • Open the Excel sheet and add details of the assets you want to update.

    • Copy the asset's data filled in the Excel sheet and paste it in the text box.

    • Click on the Next button.

  • Summary

    • Validate the data in the Summary section and click on the Finish button.

Here, all the assets mentioned in the Excel sheet get updated in bulk with the current details.

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