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Version 3.8.0


This document provides information for the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona EPM version 3.8.0

What's New

  • [SPSL-2102] – Added an option to remove local account or group of accounts from administrators' group from EPM server to reflect on the endpoint.

  • [SPSL-2063] – Added an option to terminate password manager job in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2055] – Added an option to show asset logon events under asset information in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2054] – Added a feature for EPM agent to collect windows event logs of local user login attempt on end point (asset).

  • [SPSL-2053] – Added Access and Password request workflow functionality in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2052] – Added Access and Password request workflow UI in EPM My Access.

  • [SPSL-2051] – Added Tags, Account Category, Enforce Password Change parameters to be set while auto on-boarding discovered accounts in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2050] – Added Tags, Checkout Policy, Rotation Policy, Reconciliation Policy, Exclude from Account. Discovery parameters to be set while auto on-boarding discovered asset in EPM.

  • [SPSL-1996] – Added EPM AD Group Policy with learning mode (active or inactive).

  • [SPSL-1985] – Added an option to enable EPM agent logs for troubleshooting.

  • [SPSL-1984] – Added an option to install EPM agent remotely on endpoint assets.

  • [SPSL-1745] – Added a new Reports for Asset administrative account, Asset agent status, AD group policy details, Windows privileged activity, and Windows activity blocked and in EPM.

  • [SPSL-1732] – Added Windows Privileged Activity and Windows Activity Blocked menu on Session tab of EPM.

  • [SPSL-1731] – Added an EPM asset detail icon on Manage Asset UI.        


  • [SPSL-2058] – Modified asset versions of asset type Windows in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2057] – Modified the default actions of onboarding assets and accounts from discovery configuration to 'No'.

  • [SPSL-2056] – Added Trail for applications added and removed from AD Group policy in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2046] – Added improvements in EPM Session (logs) to give more details on the files that are permitted to be elevated and files that are blocked for elevation.

  • [SPSL-2045] – Added Date-related and Show only Pending Jobs filters in EPM Password Manager → Job History.

  • [SPSL-2044] – Added asset, account and password-related improvements in EPM Password Manager → New Job.

  • [SPSL-2021] – Added EPM Asset offline code validity time duration in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2020] – Added improvements for EPM Agent to refresh the cache as well as the duration of Offline Code.

Fixed Issues

  • [SPSL-2110] – Fixed issue with the communication between the EPM Agent and Server.

  • [SPSL-2040] – Fixed issue wherein the scheduled based account discovery was not working in EPM.

  • [SPSL-2005] – Fixed issue wherein the Account Discovery in EPM was missing the 'Save + Run Now' option.

  • [SPSL-2003] – Fixed issue wherein the default value for timeout for Asset Discovery was zero in EPM.

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