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Viewing recorded sessions

Session Management module records metadata and video logs of privileged sessions. This section helps you understand session recording functionality, how you can store and view logs, customize & optimize session recording settings.

To check the session log go to Session → Session View.

The following topics are covered under this section:

  • Viewing EPM Session Recording

  • Viewing Password Checkout history

  • Viewing Windows Privileged Activities

  • Viewing Blocked Activities

Viewing EPM Session Recording

To view EPM Session recording, follow the below recommended steps:

  • Login to EPM as an administrator

  • Navigate to Session → Session View

  • Click on the Filter button and provide the necessary details to search for a particular session.

  • Click on the Refresh button to apply the filter

  • You will see the list of all the sessions displayed on the screen

  • Click on the :watch_video: button to view the session.

User can copy the records by clicking on the Copy button, export the records in CSV format by clicking on the CSV button and export the records in Excel format by clicking on the Excel button located at the top right corner of the screen.

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