You can add a firewall account manually either by using Asset Management i.e. by adding a new account to an existing firewall asset or by using Account Management i.e. adding a new account and then linking it to the respective firewall asset. In the Asset Type field, you can specify whether the account is for a FortiGate firewall or a Cisco firewall.


Using Asset Management:

  1. Go to Manage → Asset Management.
  2. Select the blue action button corresponding to the Firewall (FortiGate/Cisco) asset you want to add account to. Select Manage Linked accounts from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Add New Account.
  4. Fill in the details in the window that appears.
  5. Tick the Active checkbox.
  6.  Click on Save. 

Using Account Management:

  1. Go to Manage → Accounts → Add New Account(s) → New Account.

  2. Set Asset Category → Firewall. 

  3. Set Asset Type → FortiGate/Cisco.

  4. Select the Asset you want to create an account for.

  5. Fill in the details. 

  6. Tick the Active checkbox
  7.  Click on Save.

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