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Create a request for user access entitlement

You can create a review request for /entitlements you wish to be reviewed by using data filters. Say for example if you want to review all the AD accounts, you can choose appropriate data filter and create a request successfully. To create a request for Entitlement in Privileged Account Governance you need to perform following actions:

  1. Log in to Sectona → Go to Privileged Account Governance

  1. Go to Manage → Entitlement → Click on +New

  2. Specify the Review Name → Set the Scheduler, recurrence and validity

  3. Set the level of Approval

  4. Select approvers in the 'Approver' field. 
      i.  Select the approver and set the Level as '1' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the first approver (level 1) the request will go to. 
     ii. Similarly, Select a new approver and set the Level as '2' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the second approver (level 2) the request will go to, if the level1 approver approves the request.  
    iii. Similarly, you can define multiple levels and multiple approvers by selecting an approver and defining his respective "Level".

  5. Check the Active checkbox.

  6. Click on Save button.

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