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Managing system services

PAG component uses system services to schedule and trigger activities. This section describes how to navigate settings and update service information.

  • Login to system / PAM component as an administrator.

  • Navigate to System → System Status → App Services to view system services status. These application services are having functionalities in common which are as follows:

    • Status: This has two indicators namely Start/Stop which indicates whether the service has started or not.

    • Started On: This specifies the date and time for the service to be started.

    • Last Process Completed On: This specifies the date and time when the service was processed last.

    • Click on the Action button to view the respective App Service Log.

    • Click on the Setting icon to get the consolidated view of Default, Config, and the trigger interval time of the service along with the latest changes information.

    • Click on the Run Now button to run the App Service immediately.

Following is the description of system services and default start status.

Service Name

Service Description

Default Status



This service is used for Privileged Account Governance operations to schedule & trigger automated cycles.




This service is used for generating and delivering notifications events for emails.




This service is used to generate scheduled reports and statistical data on a scheduled basis 


Note that, the above mentioned services should be on to perform PAG operations.

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