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Accessing RHEL device using SSH with putty

You can connect to a  RHEL device using SSH with putty. The session will open via Sectona Launcher.


  1. Create Putty SSH Access Type → Configuration →Access Types.
  2. Click on Add Access Type→ Name : PuTTY →Select Base Access Type : Thick Client → Specify Additional Ports if any → Upload xml file in Plugin Process.
  3. Click on your Profile on the top right corner. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Launcher Settings → Access type: Putty →Execution path : Specify the target path of the putty launcher.
  5. Go to Manage → Asset Management → Select the RHEL device you want to access → Link AccessType : Putty.
  6. Go to My Access Page → Select RHEL Device →Connect → Putty .

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