Sectona records all the sessions by default unless stated otherwise. These recordings can be archived for further reference. Rather than manually archiving each recording, you can use Sectona's Auto Archival feature to automatically archive recordings older than a particular number of days and save them at your specified location.


  1. Go to System → System status → App Services → SystemLogManagementService. Click on Start if it's not already active.

  2. Go to Configuration → Video Recording → Enable the Auto Archival option checkbox.

  3. Under the Archival section, enter Archival Older Than = <desired no. of days>.
  4. Select the "Move to Another Location" option below and specify the path where you want to save the videos → Click on Validate.
  5. Click on Save.

To keep System Log Management Service active, go to System → System default → AutoStart AppService- SystemLogManagement → Change the configuration value to 1 → Click on Save.