You can define a workflow hierarchy i.e. specify the number of approvers an access request must go through before being granted. A multiple level workflow means that multiple approvers have been appointed at a multiple levels hierarchically. If there is more than more than 1 approver at any level, only one of them needs to approve the request to the next level in the hierarchy. The request is approved only if atleast one approver at each level has approved the request. If all the approvers belonging to a same level reject the request, the request is terminated there and then.

A request raised by the Approver is valid only if there exists another approver at the same level.An Approver can view requests only for the Instance that they are in. Similarly, requests can be raised by Users only within the same Instance that they are in. 


  1. Go to Policies →Workflow Management →click on Add Workflow Rule.
  2. Fill in the details in the form. Set Rule type= Workflow , Levels= <the desired levels in numerals>, Request type= Access.
  3. Select approvers in the "Approver' field step by step. 
      i.  Select the approver and set the Level as '1' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the first approver (level 1) the request will go to.
     ii. Similarly, Select a new approver and set the Level as '2' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the second approver (level 2) the request will go to, if the level1 approver approves the request.  
    iii. Similarly, you can define multiple levels and multiple approvers at the same level.

  4. Make sure that the Active checkbox is abled.
  5. Click on Save.

To change Instance, go to My Access Page and choose the desired instance from the dropdown menu.