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Configuring Tasks to run without User Input on a Windows/Unix server

You can automate your tasks such that they run on the click of a single button without any user input. These tasks can be run on a Windows or Unix asset by specifying  the respective asset type. You may click on the History button to view the history of a job. You may be shown the last output for the task or its step by step execution in the logs as per your choice. 


  1. Go to Manage → Task Library → Add task.
  2. Select the Base Access Type → Select 'Display Last Step Output' or 'Display Step by Step Execution'.
  3. Provide the command that needs to be configured as a task. Provide the Timeout in seconds up to 1000 seconds.
  4. Fill in the details. Click on Save.
  5. Go to My Access → Tasks → Click on +New.
  6. Select the Asset Category asOperating System → Select the Asset TypeWindows Server/ Unix Based → Select the Asset → Select the Account → Fill
    in the other details.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. A task will be configured.

To run this task:

  1. Go to your My Access Page → Tasks.
  2. Locate the task and click on its Start button.

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