Groups are useful in managing and organizing Users. Attribute-based groups can be based on users role, company, department, username, manager, or on tags. To add users to this group, specify the desired attribute-type, for example, user-role. In the input field, enter the attribute-value to be compared to, for example, administrator. Choose from the available operators{EQUAL TO(=), NOT EQUAL TO(!=) or LIKE} for comparison. All the users will be compared to the specified attribute using the chosen operator. All the users falling under the defined condition will be automatically grouped together.


  1. Go to System → System status → App Services →User Management Service. Click on Start if it's not already active.
  2. Go to Manage → User Groups → Add user group.
  3. Enter the Group Name and description.
  4. Select Method as 'Attribute-Based Group'.
  5. Select the required attribute(type), the operator (for comparison), and provide an input with which the user should be compared.
  6. Tick the Active checkbox.
  7. Click on Save.