You can run a Discovery job for discovering Windows and Unix AWS assets. The discovered assets can be on-boarded automatically, if you choose to do so. All the discovered assets will be listed under Discovery View.


  1. Start the Asset Discovery Service. Go to System → system status → app services → AssetDiscoveryService.
  2. Go to Manage → Asset Discovery.
  3. Click on +Add New Discovery Job → select AWS
  4. Specify the Username
  5. Select Schedule the type & time
  6. If you want to onboard the discovered assets automatically, select Yes or select No (selecting 'No' will only discover the assets which you can choose to onboard manually from the Discovery view section)
  7. If you want to run the job immediately, click on Save+ Run Now
  8. If you want to save the job for later, click on Save.

  • The username specified in the discover job should be an IAM user with read access to the regions of AWS EC2 instances