Tasks can run on a Windows or Unix asset by specifying the respective asset type. You may click on the History button to view the history of a job and see the output for the task in the logs. These can be deleted or modified as per the user requirement. To run a task, you need to perform below recommended steps:


  1. Login to PAM
  2. Go to My Access → Tasks → Click on +New → Create → New
  3. Select the Asset Category as: Operating System → Select the Asset Type: Windows Server/ Unix Based
  4. Select the Asset → Select the Account
  5. Select Scope → Private
  6. Enter Name of the Task and select the task library
  7. Enter input value to command if needed
  8. Click on Save
  9. Again, go to My Access → Tasks → and execute the same task by clicking on run button

Under Access → Tasks, you will find all the privatize and delegated tasks are shown which can be executed