You can access MSSQL database using SQL  Management Studio via Jump server as follows.


To create a Jump Server Access Policy :

  1. Go to Policies→ User Access Policy → Add User Access Policy → Policy Name → Fill in the details.
  2. Enable 'Enforce Access Via Jump Server' checkbox → Click Save.

To assign this policy to the desired users :

  1. Go to Manage → Users→ Select the user → User Access Policy→ Uncheck Default and change Access Policy to the above-configured policy.

Add Path of the SQL Management Studio (SSMS) to the Jump Server Launcher Settings :

  1. Go to Systems → Landing & Proxy server → Click on the action button of Jump Server → Select Launcher Settings.
  2. Select Access Type as: SQL Management Studio.
  3. In the Execution Path field, provide the path where SSMS is installed on the Jump server.
  4. Go to My Access page → Locate the asset you want  to connect to → Select Connect → SQL Server Management Studio.