You can create a task for your own self by privatizing it to yourself. Once you create a task for yourself on a particular instance, no other person from different instance will be able to see your privatize task. Provided if given access to the instance, he/she can view it. Such task can be executed modified and deleted as per the requirement. The logs will be seen under history of the task created. To assign task to your own self, you need to perform below recommended steps:


  1. Login to PAM
  2. Go to My Access → Tasks → Click on +New → Create → New
  3. Select the Asset Category as: Operating System → Select the Asset Type: Windows Server/ Unix Based
  4. Select the Asset → Select the Account
  5. Select Scope → Private
  6. Enter Name of the Task and select the task
  7. Enter input value to command say if needed
  8. Click on Save
  9. Go to My Access → Tasks → and you can execute the same task by clicking on run button

For Telnet when you select the asset type make sure its port no configured should be the default port of telnet i.e. 23.