SNMP (Simple Network Management) is a popular protocol which is supported on an extensive range of hardware devices. It manages and monitors network devices and their functions. You can run an SNMP (version 1) discovery job for assets. All network devices configured with SNMP version 1 will be discovered in such a scan. If you wish to do so, you can also onboard the discovered assets.


  1. Start the Asset Discovery Service. Go to System → System Status → App services → AssetDiscoveryService.
  2. Configure AssetDiscoveryService to auto start. Go to System → System Defaults → search for "AutoStart AppService - AssetDiscovery" change the config value to 1 (only applicable if schedule based discovery jobs are configured).
  3. Go to Manage → Asset Discovery → New Asset Discovery Job → select SNMP.
  4. Fill in the details. In the SNMP Version field, select Version1
  5. Choose the configuration parameters
  6. Click on Save or select Save + Run now to immediately run a discovery job.