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Running Discovery job for SNMP version 2 assets

SNMP is a popular protocol which is supported on an extensive range of hardware devices. It manages and monitors network devices and their functions. SNMP version 2  has improved support for efficiency and error handling. You can run an SNMP (version 2) discovery job for assets. All network devices configured with SNMP version 2 will be discovered in such a scan. If you wish to do so, you can also onboard the discovered assets.


  1. Start the Asset Discovery Service. Go to System → System Status → App services → AssetDiscoveryService.
  2. Configure AssetDiscoveryService to auto start. Go to System → System Defaults → search for "AutoStart AppService - AssetDiscovery" change the config value to 1 (only applicable if schedule based discovery jobs are configured).
  3. Go to Manage → Asset Discovery → New Asset Discovery Job → select SNMP.
  4. Fill in the details. In the SNMP Version field, select Version2
  5. Choose the configuration parameters
  6. Click on Save or select Save + Run now to immediately run a discovery job.

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