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Set MFA as Sectona app OTP

For this type of authentication, the user will need to install the Sectona App on his mobile. Once they enter their username and password onto the portal, an OTP prompt window will be displayed on the screen. An OTP will be generated on the Sectona App. The user is required to enter this OTP on the OTP prompt window to gain access.


  1. Go to Configuration → Multifactor Authentication → Sectona Authentication → Check App OTP checkbox → Click Save.
  2. Go to Policies → User Access Policy → Add User Access Policy. 
  3. Enter details and set MFA type as App OTP in the form that appears.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Go to Manage → Users. Click on the user you want to assign the policy to.
  6. In the form that appears, go to User Access Policy, uncheck the Default checkbox and set the desired policy.
  7. Click on Update.

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