Password Rotation policy reduces the risk of password theft and misuse,  by resetting account passwords periodically. The passwords are reset automatically. A separate password policy needs to be created for defining the complexity of passwords. This policy is then assigned to the Password Rotation policy. A Password rotation is applied to an asset. All the accounts for that asset automatically inherit this rotation policy.


  1. Policies → Rotation Policy → Add Rotation Policy
  2. Enter the Policy details. Check the Rotate Password Check Box. Select the frequency for changing password under Rotate Password section.
  3. Select a value for 'Recur Every'. Fill in the details.
  4. Select a password policy to define the complexity of the passwords.
  5. Click on  Save.

To apply this policy, go to Asset Management → select the asset you want to apply the policy to →under rotation Policy, uncheck the default checkbox and select the respective policy from the dropdown menu.

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