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Version 4.3.0


This document provides information on the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona PAM version 4.3.0

What’s New


  • [SPSL-3038] - Added column "Expiry Date" in the User Inventory Report.

  • [SPSL-3040] - Added a report "Session Review".

  • [SPSL-3118] - Added "Asset Direct Access" in the base data menu for custom reports.

  • [SPSL-3103] - Improvements in User Entitlement Report.

Session Management

  • [SPSL-3039] - Added columns “Owner” for the SFTP Session and “permission” and “owner” for the SFTP Over Browser Session.

  • [SPSL-3042] - Added “auto” file transfer mode in FTP/SFTP settings to support file transfer based on extension.

Fixed Issues


  • [SPSL-3104] - Fixed an issue in the backup generation processes.

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