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Adding new LDAP/LDAPs directory

Follow the below-recommended steps to add a new directory store in Sectona PAM:

  • Go to Configuration on the top navigation bar. 

  • Select AD & Directory Store option from the left sidebar.

  • Click on +Add AD & Directory Store and input data in the form.

  • Provide a unique name to identify the directory name in field Directory Name.

  • Select the type of directory you are integrating. The system supports Window Active Directory or Sectona directory.

  • Select the Directory Store Type. System supports communication with LDAP and LDAPS method.

  • Provide an IP address/hostname of the directory store.

  • Specify the base domain name of the directory store. (eg DC=LOCALAD,DC=COM )

  • Specify the domain name of the server.

  • Provide port no. and change the port no. if you are using any custom ports. ( Default port for LDAP is 389 and LDAPS is 636)

  • Specify the username for server-side authentication. The username should have sufficient privileges to with ‘Read’ permission.

  • The same username can be used as a management account for AD privilege account password change. Additional privileges are required to be enabled such as on User Object set (check) permissions - ‘Reset Password’, ‘Read pwdLastSet’, ‘Write pwdLastSet’, ‘Read lockOutTime’ and ‘Write lockOutTime’.

  • Specify the password for server-side authentication.

  • Tick the Active checkbox to activate the configuration.

  • Click on Save and your new directory will be created.

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