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The system integrates with  Biometric Devices for multi-factor authentication. There are two types of biometric authentication devices supported that securely login to the system as a user. These are the Mantra MSF100 and the Morpho 1300 E3. It requires 2 scans to be enrolled after the user attempts their first login configured with this type of MFA. With every other login attempt the fingerprint is scanned and validated for successfully accessing the system.

Before you begin

  • Make sure the user has hardware device drivers installed.

  • The service for that particular driver is running.

Configuring Biometric Authentication with Sectona

To configure Biometric Authentication on Sectona, follow the below steps:

  • Login to PAM as an administrator.

  • Go to Platform Configuration under the Authentication column and click on Multifactor Authentication → Biometric Devices.

  • Click on Active to activate the configuration.

  • Click on the + symbol and select the type of biometric device.

  • Click on Save and Biometric Devices MFA will be enabled

  • Configure a logon policy that requires biometric authentication.

  • Select the user that would require this logon policy to login to the system.

  • On the first login the user would require to setup their fingerprint by clicking on each scan button and scanning their fingerprints on the selected device.

  • Followed by clicking on Enroll.

  • With every following login attempt, there would only be one fingerprint scan required to validate the system login.

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