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Enabling Maker Checker

Maker checker control enables the administrator to enforce dual control for provisioning any new asset, user or account in the system. Once enforced, transactions for addition and update requires two or more people to enter and approve. This helps in reducing errors and misuse in critical production environments.

In case of conflicting Maker Checker workflow rules, the system applies the latest rule which was created 

Steps to enable maker-checker policy for creating and updating users, accounts or assets

  • Navigate to Policies → Configure.

  • Click on "+Add Workflow rule".

  • Rule Name: Provide a rule name for this rule. For example, Maker Checker for User Management / Asset Management / Account Management

  • Description: Provide a descriptive name for your rule.

  • Rule Type: Select the rule type "Maker Checker" 

  • Levels: Provide the number of levels you wish to enable for user approvals.

  • Request type: Select the request type of User Management.

  • Approver: Choose the user for approval.

  • Status: By default, all new workflow types are created with active status.

Once you enable a rule, all new user creation will be based on the approval workflow configured.

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