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Managing assets & access types

In system content, an asset is a component/object in the IT environment, namely in the field of Operating Systems, Databases, Network devices, Applications, or Security devices. 

Sectona platform defines an asset based on a three-tier mechanism via Category, Sub Category, and type.
Categories are classes of asset class like Operating systems, databases, etc. A subcategory is more like flavors, build types or generation names. Asset types are defined based on OEM classifications of assets. The system is pre-bundled with asset types, and administrators also can add new asset types.

Access types in the system are connection methods/protocol techniques used to access assets to manage and operate. The system provides multiple asset types pre-bundled in the standard built, and the administrator can also import new access types as needed.

This chapter consists of the following:

List of pre-bundled access types

Browser Only

Launcher / Jump Server based

Native clients

  • RDP Over Browser

  • SSH over Browser

  • MySQL over Browser

  • Oracle over Browser

  • SQL over Browser

  • FTP Over Browser

  • FTP to FTP over Browser

  • SFTP to SFTP over browser

  • SCP Over browser

  • Telnet over browser

  • ASDM Launcher

  • Avaya CMS Supervisor

  • AWS Console

  • DameWare Mini Remote Control

  • FTP

  • FTP To FTP

  • IBM Emulator

  • MySQL Administrator

  • MySQL Workbench

  • Oracle SQL Developer

  • Pl SQL Developer

  • RDP

  • SQLPlus Over SSH

  • SFTP


  • Site protector

  • SmartTerm

  • SQL Server Management Studio

  • SSH

  • Telnet

  • Tera Term

  • Tipping Point

  • Toad for DB2

  • Toad for Oracle

  • Turbo FTP

  • VMware vSphere Client

  • VMware vSphere Web Client

  • VNC Viewer

  • RDP

  • SSH

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