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Rebuilding your setup

In an unforeseen event of complete loss of all system environment and a need to rebuild the system from previous backups, refer to this section that provides steps to reinstate the system.

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have the last known backup copies of Sectona Web Access, Vault, and video logs.

  • You have created the physical or virtual windows server, resource equivalent to the earlier system, and have assigned the same IP address.

Rebuilding your system

Follow the steps below sequentially:

  • Install the Sectona Web Access (with Application only option) and Vault in the newly created Production environment using the same version setup of earlier instance.

  • Restore the Sectona Web Access. Refer steps from Backing up, Restoring, and Archival.

  • Restore Vault. Refer steps from Backing up, Restoring, and Archival.

  • Login to Sectona Web Access with production IP/URL and validate your setup.

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