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Version 4.5.0


This document provides information on the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona PAM version 4.5.0

What’s New

Session Management

  • [SPSL - 3165] - Added a feature to validate Live Session status while attempting reconnection in case of connection failure.

  • [SPSL - 3194] - Added support to export password-protected video with replay validity.

  • [SPSL - 3145] - New WSSL proxy to route launcher-based sessions over HTTPS protocol.

  • [SPSL - 3160] - Added support for Kubernetes (application) password vaulting along with built-in access type for kubectl client.


  • [SPSL - 3158] - System will prompt an alert to the administrative user before the 'n' (configurable) number of license expiry days.


  • [SPSL - 3188] - Optimised memory utilization for vault backup process.

User Management

  • [SPSL - 3189] - Added support for redirecting users to logout URL in case of SAML-based authentication

  • [SPSL - 3153] - Added support for fingerprint-based Multi-factor authentication.


  • [SPSL - 3203] - Added support for OAuth-based authentication for Office365 incoming email gateway (POP3)


  • [SPSL - 3191] - Added an active assets filter on the workflow request page to improve response time in case of large no of assets/accounts.


  • [SPSL - 3155] - Added multiple filters in the exclusive access option to improve response time in case of large no of assets/accounts.

Password Management

  • [SPSL - 3161] - Added support for SAP account password rotation and reconciliation.

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