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Integrating Ticketing Systems

Integrate Sectona Privileged Access Management system with a ticketing system to validate active tickets before privileged session requests or account checkout requests. Using a ticket number makes it easier to track access to configured assets.

Ticketing system integration can be enabled for one or more functions:

Function Name


Validating ticket number

Can be used to validate active ticket number in service desk before granting access

Validating ticket number and ticket data

Can be used to validate active ticket number in service along with other system data like IP address and asset name before granting access

Requesting ticket closure

Allows ticket to be closed once user updates request for ticket closure from within a privileged session

The following functions are supported at account group level without any need for ticketing system integration. However these settings must be enabled to activate ticketing system validation. The system takes any inputs without any validation and grants access to the user if settings are not activated.

  • Enforce comment

  • Request for ticket number

System supports out of the box integration with Jira Cloud, Jira Server and ManageEngine ServiceDesk. Refer to specific documentation for integrating ticketing system.

For integration with other ticketing systems, the version of ticketing system must support REST based web services for integration. In the case of cloud-based ticketing system, you will also need to configure network proxy for the system to communicate with cloud service provider. Refer to Setting up a network proxy.

Only one configuration can be activated in the system. Ticketing system's policy can be enforced at Account Group level.

This section covers how to use standard settings for enabling integrations with

API responses based on JSON, Object, String and XML can be implemented for validating response types.

Integration uses Content-Tags for replacing system data for executing actual API calls. These tags help in manipulating data across header data, URL, understanding responses etc. List of content-tags supported includes:

Content Tags



Domain name for service desk account


Last response received from API


Message on service desk


Ticket number of request


User logon name of service desk


User group in service desk


Service desk request IP address


Service desk request hostname


Service desk request asset type


Service desk request asset category


Service desk request account username


Service desk request account password


Service desk request account type


Service desk request account group


Service desk request database instance


Username for service desk account


Password for service desk account

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