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Migrating from evaluation to production

For a smaller environment, when you setup an evaluation setup as a pilot or pre-production setups, enterprises may consider moving pre-production/evaluation setups to a production environment to save time on configuring and rebuilding the system. Refer to the below steps to migrate and harden your environment for a production setup.

Before you begin

  • If you wish to migrate and also update Sectona to the latest version in the production environment, check for the same with Sectona Sales/Support team. If the update is available make sure you have the latest update package available.

  • Make sure you have factored the number of IP address(es) from the production network to be assigned to Sectona server(s).

  • Make sure you have all the necessary port and network communication enabled in your production environment for Sectona. For more details refer to Standard Port Requirement for Installation.

  • Ensure you have a copy of Sectona License to change the license from evaluation to production.

Steps to migrate

There are two ways to migrate:

  • Migrating the virtual instance of Sectona

  • Migrating the Sectona Web Access and Vault

Migrating the virtual instance of Sectona

The Sectona virtual instance involves various steps depending on the virtualization platform used or cloud provider used to configure the Sectona instance. Below are the few virtualization platforms and cloud providers and their migration process for a particular server:

Migrating the Sectona Web Access and Vault

Follow the below steps sequentially:

  • Take the latest backup of Sectona Web Access and Vault from your pilot/test environment. To take backup refer to Backing up, Restoring, and Archival.

  • Move the backup files to the Sectona Production environment.

  • Install the Sectona Web Access (with Application only option) and Vault in your Production environment using the same version setup of that of pilot/test instance.

  • Restore the Sectona Web Access. Refer steps from Backing up, Restoring, and Archival

  • Restore Vault. Refer steps from Backing up, Restoring, and Archival

  • Login to Sectona with production IP/URL and test your respective use cases through it.

  • If you plan to update to the latest available version of Sectona in Production environment, kindly use the latest version setup and update Sectona Web Access and Vault. Refer steps from Installing Sectona Web Access and Installing Vault Component.

  • We recommend you to keep your test/pilot environment for multiple reasons and usage. For more details refer to Setting up test environment.

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