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Version 4.6.0


This document provides information on the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona PAM version 4.6.

What’s New

Asset Management

  • [SPSL-4239] - Added support to update asset hostname through bulk update.


  • [SPSL-4225] - Added support for OAuth-based Authentication in outgoing email gateway (SMTP).


  • [SPSL-4337] - Added validation for restricting special characters in user input fields to enhance application security.

  • [SPSL-4329] - Added support for custom headers for SMS Gateway API.

  • [SPSL-4238] - Added support for a Unix root equivalent account as management account for Account Discovery, Password Reconciliation, Account Lifecycle and JIT Policy based access.

Password Management

  • [SPSL-4235] - Added support to change password of AD account through linked account after checkout if "Change after check-in" enabled in Checkout Policy.

  • [SPSL-99] - Added support for CISO ISE local account password rotation.


  • [SPSL-3171] - Added columns "Last Action By" and "Last Action On" in Workflow Request report.

  • [SPSL-4228] - Added support for multiple search conditions while filtering report data in Analytics.

  • [SPSL-4283] - Added more data columns related to Account Activity in custom report.

Policy Management

  • [SPSL-4223] - Improved overall performance in Exclusive access while saving the mapping.

  • [SPSL-4331] - Added option to map one account to multiple users using "Account Wise" mapping option in Exclusive Access.

  • [SPSL-4339] - Added Permanent and Schedule based Mapping Modes under Active Mapping.

Session Management

  • [SPSL-3678] - Added support for Key based management account for JIT Policy based access.

Fixed Issues


  • [SPSL-4335] - Fixed a System Health Notification related issue.


  • [SPSL-2928] - Added support to export report with filtered criteria in csv and excel format.

Session Management

  • [SPSL-4322] - Fixed an issue related to SSO process for URL based application having single quote in Username and password field.

  • [SPSL-4229] - Fixed an issue related to FTP/SFTP remote directory view having special characters in a file or directory name.

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