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Automating Privileged Tasks

A user can perform any activity or task with privileged access to a system. A task is a sequence of commands that can be executed only with the help of privileged access. Generally, to execute a privileged task, an Administrator or helpdesk is required as they have privileged access to the organization’s assets.

Executing these tasks requires knowledge of various commands as well have to look after the account management system. In process of isolating the use of privileged accounts to reduce the risk of credentials being stolen or used incorrectly, it is equally possible that it can lead to human error that will require fixes.Privileged Task Management (PTM) comes into the picture where an organization’s privileged credentials are isolated and henceforth the risk of stealing credentials is reduced. At the same time, it helps in executing the tasks that address issues that are commonly encountered on systems, applications, or devices that have well-known resolutions.

PTM also allows delegating a task to another person that can lower the burden of the organization. This will reduce the system administrator’s backlogs and will help in automating IT processes as well.
Moreover, the user will not require device-specific knowledge from the operator for executing any task, and dependency among people will be removed.

PTM has following security benefits:

  • PTM not only gives you ease for executing privileged tasks but at the same time it provides a secure framework to the organization.
  • PTM maintains the security by showing the delegated task only to the delegated user as the user is the concerned person who is going to execute the
  • PTM makes sure that task is only seen by the respective user be it a Sectona authenticated user or a Windows authenticated user so that no other user is allowed to execute any privileged task and henceforth maintains the security of the organization.
  • Task once delegated to a user in a particular instance the user can only see the delegated task in a particular instance even if the user is part of some other instances as well.

This section guides you through following sections:

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