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Version 5.0


This document provides information on the updated features and the fixed issues in the Sectona PAM version 5.0.

What’s New


  • [SPSL-2949] - Migrated .NET Framework version 4.5 to 4.8 (LTS).

  • [SPSL-2939] - Added 'License Used' count on the License Page.

Major changes in 5.0

  • Changed theme and colour scheme to make the screen appear visually lighter.

  • Added an advanced version of the dashboard with options to add new dashboard views with the help of existing widgets.

  • Added advanced and interactive reporting including single views of canned and custom reports and single views of report creation and scheduling.

  • Added accessible configuration actions for Edit, Action and Trail menus on same line including accommodating multiple configuration options in single view for the Action option.

  • Added a Platform configuration page and a product navigator which allows navigation between multiple products.

  • Added options on MyAccess page such as Favourites, Recently Accessed, Connected, Most Accessed, Never Accessed for quick access to entitlements. 


  • [SPSL-2946] - Added Microsoft Edge as a new browser type.

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