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Building a High Availability Setup

The Sectona Platform provides a Highly Available Privilege Access Management system setup. Building PAM as a system that is highly available (HA) utilizes a clear understanding of your current business and IT needs. A system is said to be Highly Available when it is open to users at all times is considered to be highly reliable i.e. similar to a landline connection or a web app like Email.

Implementing a PAM setup that is highly available requires specific sub-systems in place. For optimal performance, certain factors need to be considered, like network downtime, managing traffic without interruptions, and maintaining availability of services. The best way to prevent downtime and eliminate these losses is to adopt a series of best practices that help you to achieve high availability for your services.

If any component, system, or a process within that system fails, it compromises the system as a whole and affects its operations, and can cause it to fail. In this guide, High Availability (HA) refers to a  failure response mechanism that eliminates this type of system failure which is called Single Point of Failure (SPoF). This prevents the system from going down when one component or server fails. 

Systems nowadays expect HA to recover normal operations in a few minutes while ensuring minimal or no data loss. The Sectona Platform offers multiple High Availability scenarios and options to design your HA strategy for solutions implemented in your environment. This section guides you to achieve quick results and design an HA strategy according to our recommended best practices. Implementing a configuration of a secondary server, disaster recovery, application proxy, and fail-over are components that make the Sectona Platform a highly available PAM system. This guide is intended for teams installing or using the Platform in order to configure it as an HA system; this can be detailed in the following sections:-

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