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Windows Monitoring Agent

The WMON agent is used to share current activity logs of Windows or Unix Sessions depending on the Server Access Policy configured at the target server. Installation of an external component is required if the target server has a Windows Operating System.

In case a setup is required on a Windows system, an external component needs to be installed. Follow the steps listed to enable a Server Access Policy on a Windows target server.

  1. Login to the system as an administrator and select Platform Configuration from the Product Navigator.

  2. Select About from the System section.

  3. Select the Components tab.

  4. Download the Sectona Vault Server Control component on the target server.

  5. Installing this component will start a service on the target server that enforces the Server Access Policy configured by the administrator.

Creating a Server Access Policy

  1. Select PAM from the product navigator.

  2. Select Policies from the navigation bar.

  3. From the menu displayed under the General section select Server Access Policy.

  4. In case of adding a policy for a system using a unix OS, click on + Add Policy.

  5. Enter details displayed on the form. Select Allow or Deny depending on the unix command that needs to be blocked or permitted on the target server.

  6. After clicking on Next, select the User Group(s) the policy needs to be implemented on as well the users who are excluded.

  7. Select the commands that are Confirmed or have permission to be elevated by the users in the selected User Group(s).

  8. Check the summary of parameters before click on Finish.

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