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Issue with Login due to MSSQL DB Drive Exceeding Capacity


Issue Description - The user is not able to log in to the PAM console and is prompted with an invalid Username.  

Cause – The issue occurs when the MSSQL database drive is fully occupied (0 KB) with the log files due to which no new data can be written on the database. 

Resolution – Since the normal shrink procedure takes a backup of the database before shrinking the database the normal shrink procedure won’t work due to no space available in the database drive. 

Below are the steps for shrinking the database by running a query. 

  1. Run the SSMS application. 

  1. Click on the connect button àSelect Server Name from the dropdown à Select the Authentication type as SQL Server Authentication. 

  1. Enter the credentials for the sectonadb (credentials are mostly Username – spectradbadmin and the default password). 

  1. In the query panel enter the below queries
    BACKUP log sectonadb TO DISK = ‘nul’ --- (run this query line at least twice).


    Below is the output screen for the query.


After the above query run the below one, 

  1. dbcc shrinkfile (2,500) --- (run this query line once). 


Post running these queries, the storage gets freed. 

(Note: Since MSSQL is an external database it is not managed by PAM, so this issue should be handled by the customer database team) 

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