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Create an Active Directory User Group

You can add a new Active Directory Group to Sectona as follows:


  1. Login to the system and select Platform Configuration from the product navigator.
  2. Check whether 'User Management Service' is active by going to System → System status → App Services. Click on the respective Start button, if the service is not already active.
  3. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  4. Go to Manage → User Groups → Add user group.
  5. Enter the Group Name and description. Select the method as 'Active Directory Group'.
  6. Select a directory store → Click on browse → Select the group whose users you want to add.
  7. If you want to exclude some Users (from being added) from the selected groups, mention them in the Exclude User(s) field.
  8. Click on Save.

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