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Create local Windows accounts in bulk

Adding accounts manually can be a cumbersome task, especially when the number of accounts to be added is quite large. In such a situation like this, you can use the bulk import function in Sectona wherein you need to provide the details in an excel sheet. Based on these details, accounts are created dynamically and without requiring any further intervention.


  1. Go to Manage → Accounts → Bulk Accounts.
  2. Select Account Category as: Interactive Account and Fill in the details → Click Next.
  3. Click on the Download Format option at the bottom of the window. A template in an Excel file gets downloaded.
  4. Fill up the sheet with the correct details.
  5. Copy the whole sheet and paste it into the 'copy text' section → Click Next.
  6. In the 'Summary' section, verify the details → Click Finish.

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