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Auditing logs

When a user is given a privileged access to a host he/ she gains access to a many tools and applications to control the system. With that kind of access the system can be altered in many ways some of which could be for unintended purposes. So it is important to keep a log of who has requested administrative rights for executing an application and even administrative rights of the entire machine.

This section consists of all the log and status of the requests made. To view the audit log follow the below-recommended steps:

  • Login to the system and select EPM from the product navigator.

  • Navigate to Policies.

  • Select Workflow Management from the sidebar and click on "All requests".

  • Click on the Log button.

  • The information about the Request ID, Type, Requested By, Requested On, Comment, Ticket No, Current Status will be displayed on the screen.

Audit logs help us to keep a track of all the requests privilege elevations.

Workflow is a mechanism that lets you access the applications that are currently not accessible to you. This may be done by granting direct access to the respective application. But first, you will need to send an Access Request for direct access. Requests will reach Approvers defined in the Workflow hierarchy for verification. Once the approvers approve, users can access the requested application. The workflow mechanism ensures that there is a review and approval process in place to ensure secure and authorized user access to critical systems.

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