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Workflow Administration

The system can allow you to enforce workflow actions based on allowing access to passwords or access via system. The system works on a concept of request types ( or can be referred to as a transaction). Two request types in the systems are password and access.

Request types in the workflow system can be defined as objects you would like to control and monitor. System supports options of controlling password requests & access requests workflow.

Workflow approvals support up to 15 levels though typically EPM administrators would make use of just 2-3 levels.

  • Password: A request is made to have access to the password. It may be a single level of approval or multilevel.

  • Access: An access type request is made when the user needs a password less access.

  • Application Elevation: An application elevation request is made when the user needs to access an application on the system.

  • Time Limited Admin Access: A time limited admin access request is made when the user needs admin access for a limited time on the system.

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